CM3 HMB FUSION 200cap (Tri-Creatine malate + HMB)

2.793 kr.

CM3 is Trec Nutrition’s creatine-based muscle-building supplement featuring 6.65g of tri-creatine malate in every serving providing just shy of 5g of total creatine at 4.988g. The brand also offers a slightly more advanced version with Gold Core CM3, combining tri-creatine malate and a gram of performance-supporting beta-alanine, and now alongside both of those, is CM3 HMB Fusion, another more complex spin-off.

Trec Nutrition’s CM3 HMB Fusion explains what separates itself from the regular CM3 and hybrid Gold Core CM3 in its name, as it is indeed a combination of tri-creatine malate and the leucine metabolite HMB. CM3 HMB Fusion comes in capsule form, and in each of its eight capsule servings, you get 5g of tri-creatine malate, providing 3.75g of actual creatine, and 1.6g of CaHMB, providing precisely 1.312g of total HMB.