New Whey 100 10 skammtar,  10 Bragðtegundir Expand

Whey 100 10 skammtar, 10 Bragðtegundir

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Loksins!  Hágæða mysuprotein á frábæru verði, sérstaklega hannað fyrir bragðlaukana.

  • Besta próteinið til að byggja vöðva
  • Fullt af frábærum brögðum
  • 100% hreint mysuprótein
  • Aðeins 1.7g Kolvetni í hverjum skammti

Brögð:  Cherry Chocolate, Cookies & Cream, Chocolate, Vanilla,  Chocolate Sesame,  Strawberry, Chocolate Coconut Flavor, Rapsberry,  Peanut Butter, Adovocat

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100 Whey contains only whey protein, no-frills lower protein content in the product. Whey protein concentrate is one of the most popular and effective natural protein origin. 100 perfectly complements Whey protein deficiency arising from the increased demand, especially in professional sports, and at the time of reduction diet. First-class raw material in the form used in the manufacture of instant WHEY 100 has a high biological value (BV104) and excellent purity, and solubility.


WHEY 100 contains whey protein concentrate, which is very easily absorbed by the body. Due to the exceptional rate of digestion and absorption, the most anabolic amino acids to reach the muscles fast. Exceptionally high content of rapidly released L-Leucine, acts as a starter anabolic processes. The intensive inflow of nutrients stimulates muscle protein synthesis, increasing its intensity up to 70%. Other branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) and L-Glutamine also inhibit the adverse catabolic reactions. Prevalence of anabolic processes fosters the highest quality muscle mass.

DESIGNED with taste

WHEY 100 is not only the best raw material, is also an unforgettable experience for your palate. WHEY 100 is a sophisticated, original and carefully refined flavors that will remain long in your memory. The unique quality and composition WHEY 100 far outweigh the characteristics of other products is available on the market.


WHEY 100 is a versatile product for all, ideal for daily protein supplement, which quickly provides a large amount necessary for muscle growth anabolic amino acids. WHEY 100 is a wealth of key ingredients with an anabolic effect, whose level is critical for the development of muscle and speed recovery time. Apply Whey 100 up to 1.5 hours after exercise, and your muscles quickly receive the necessary building blocks and shot a strong impetus to growth. The product is also perfectly suited to enhance the nutritional value of meals and supplementing them with additional easily digestible protein. People with slower metabolism of the sealant before bedtime and between meals, which can significantly speed up the metabolism.

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