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Carnogenic Pre-wokout booster

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Pre-Workout Energy Booster!

  • Rapid improvement of strength and explosive power of muscles
  • Instantly reduces muscle acidifica-tion
  • Longer and more effective training
  • Explosive power of beta alanine and NO booster
  • Caffeine free

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CARNOGENIC is an advanced pre-workout product which contains the precursors of the production of carnosine and nitric oxide in the organism. An intensive workout leads to significant muscle acidification, which increases the catabolism of muscle fibres and results in a sharp decrease of body efficiency. CARNOGENIC reduces this process and increases the inflow of nutrients and oxygen to the muscles; it also activates the enzymes which are responsible for their contraction. The product increases the strength and resistance and also reduces muscle acidification, enabling you to exercise longer and in a more intensive way without the symptoms of tiredness.

You work out hard and sometimes you feel you’ve had enough? Each extra yard, minute of training or repetition wear you out, and you start running out of energy? Your muscles burn so much you literally scream in pain? Can’t carry on, and have to simply give up? Feel exhausted after training, and your body takes a long time to recover? Facing a wall you simply can’t break through? Do any of these feelings sound familiar? Have you ever wondered what causes them? It is the accumulation of lactic acid in muscle fibres, resulting from intensive metabolic changes, in turn preventing effective energy production and fast muscle contractions. But who says you’re doomed to ineffective training? We’ve prepared an innovative product – its incredible power will mean you’ll be able to exercise like an unstoppable machine. CARNOGENIC is an exceptionally effective pre-training formula combining the power of carnosine and nitric oxide, which will help you defeat muscle fatigue and move your training ability to a whole new level. Your muscles will be powerful and tough, and they’ll be filled with the electrifying power of beta-alanine. Feel the thrill of real energy!


During intensive exercise, metabolic systems responsible for energy production in the body are faced with a major challenge. The rate of biochemical reactions increases rapidly to help the body cope with the increased load placed on your muscles. As energy production increases, so do the levels of metabolites. High levels of hydrogen ions (H+) are released and accumulated, resulting in a gradual decrease in muscle pH and leading to their acidification. Changing the pH of muscle cells is unavoidable; it accompanies the breaking down of ATP originating from all energy systems, in particular from fast anaerobic metabolism. Muscle strength and ability to rapidly contract decreases with the rapidly decreasing pH, making it impossible to maintain high levels of activity. The upper limits of strength and endurance are reached faster as more acid is accumulated in the muscles. This makes it difficult for muscles to work to their full potential, and in turn to adapt and make progress. An acid-alkali imbalance in the body inhibits the energy available for exercise, while an accumulation of hydrogen ions can also seriously impede regeneration processes. This creates an acidic environment, which is ideal for the destructive action of catabolic enzymes.  Under these conditions, anabolic reactions leading to the rebuilding of muscles damaged on the microscopic scale as a result of intensive exercise are completely halted.


Our bodies have a natural mechanism allowing them to partially eliminate the acidification resulting from exercise. Carnosine is an active dipeptide (beta-alanyl-L-histidine), which neutralises hydrogen ions (H+) formed as a result of metabolic processes and responsible for premature fatigue. This natural buffer stabilises muscle pH and helps them work for longer. Carnosine can be found in both type 1 muscle cells (slow twitch) and type 2 cells (fast twitch), although it can reach higher levels in the latter. The most important factor which can increase carnosine levels is the presence of natural precursors that build its backbone. Unfortunately their levels in the daily diet are low, therefore we recommend taking carnosine supplements. Research shows that the most important such precursor is beta-alanine. This non-protein amino acid is a substrate for carnosine production, and its presence has an effect on the intensity of the process. The second amino acid building this extremely important dipeptide – L-histidine – can also improve the effectiveness of beta-alanine. Increased concentration of carnosine means that muscle fibres, especially type 2, are able to absorb more hydrogen ions and work for longer at optimal pH levels. This helps maintain maximum strength and endurance throughout exercise, and translates into improved exercise adaptation.


Ever since nitric oxide’s incredible properties were discovered, research has been ongoing into the potential applications of its precursors in professional athletes. High levels of this gaseous hormone help improve training efficiency. Formed as the result of an enzymatic reaction with L-arginine, NO relaxes smooth muscles found in blood vessels, helping improve blood flow. As a result, working muscles not only receive more oxygen, but also substrates essential for intensive energy production. Supplementation with various forms of arginine and citrulline increases the levels of nitric oxide, which has a direct effect on improving the exercise potential in various sports disciplines. NO also has a positive effect on the process of ridding the body of extraneous metabolites, therefore its use accelerates regeneration of the body even after intensive exercise.


Scientists at TREC NUTRITION laboratories have prepared an entirely new pre-training formula, whose powerful action helps combat increasing acidification of muscles and break through stagnation. CARNOGENIC is an innovative stimulator of carnosine and NO synthesis, combining the incredibly high anabolic and ergogenic potential of the two molecules. The synergistic action of effective energy precursors helps improve your strength potential and improves metabolism of muscle fibres. The formula has powerful deacidification properties, enhances transport of oxygen and nutrients into muscles, as well as accelerating the elimination of extraneous metabolites. CARNOGENIC is a formula based on high doses of the most effective precursors of carnosine production, ANABOLIC BETA MATRIX, and NO production – VASO PUMP MATRIX. It means your muscles will never be defeated again!

ANABOLIC BETA MATRIX is an exceptionally effective combination of a striking dose of beta-alanine with L-histidine. Both amino acids are used as precursors for carnosine synthesis in muscle cells. Their combined supplementation helps to neutralise hydrogen ions generated during exercise, resulting in effective deacidification of muscles. Additionally, the components increase the production of enzymes overseeing muscle contractions. The formula helps you quickly improve your training intensity and shift your body’s strength and endurance boundaries.

VASO PUMP MATRIX is a modern matrix of effective precursors of NOsynthesis in an easy to absorb chemical form and glycerol monostearate. The formula aids muscles during intensive contractions, improving the delivery of essential nutrients, water and oxygen. Carefully selected doses of L-arginine malate and L-citrulline malate are very effective in stimulating NO production in the body, as well as having an additional energising effect in comparison to other forms of these molecules. The easily absorbable form of glycerol helps improve hydration of muscle cells and enhances training efficiency.


CARNOGENIC is a universal pre-training formula with a powerful energising action, which can be used in all sports disciplines where muscles are at risk of extreme strain. The product contains a unique combination of the most effective precursors of carnosine and NO synthesis, which increase the production of energy essential for fast and powerful muscle contractions and have a buffering and deacidifying effect. CARNOGENIC does not contain any psychostimulants, so it can be taken at any time of day. This is especially important for people who are sensitive to stimulants or who regularly train in the evenings. Supplementation with CARNOGENIC translates in to a rapid improvement of strength and explosive power of muscles. The formula improves both aerobic and anaerobic efficiency. CARNOGENIC helps you increase the intensity of training, allowing you to exercise for longer and increase your training load.


recommended use

Recommended daily allowance is 4–6 tablets daily 60 min before the training. Consume the product with approx. 300 ml of water.

Active ingredients
Amount per serving6 cap. **
Beta-Alanine 3900,00 mg
L-Histidine 150,00 mg
Citrate Malate 1500,00 mg
L-Arginine Malate 1500,00 mg

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