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DATE 10.2019 BCAA X TANK 120 Caps

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Increase muscle mass building, endurance and energy level!

Effective support during intensive training

Enriched with taurine and L-tyrosine

Excellent proportions of BCAA amino acids (2:1:1)

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BCAA X-TANK is an exceptionally effective formula containing branched-chain amino acids (L-leucine, L-isoleucine and L-valine), in optimal proportions of 2:1:1. They exhibit powerful anabolic action and constitute almost 40% dry muscle mass. BCAA X-TANK has been supplemented with taurine, L-tyrosine and vit. B6, making it more effective at supporting energetic processes, inhibiting symptoms of fatigue and protein catabolism. BCAA X-TANKis recommended as a daily supplement to a sporting diet with BCAA, essential for muscle growth and regeneration.

Training is a matter of survival – there’s no room for wimps! Do you get weak and tired? Feel exhausted after exercising? Try a new weapon to release your hidden powers and speed up muscle regeneration! BCAA X-TANK is an extremely effective formula containing BCAA amino acids at a proportion of 2:1:1. As well as perfectly balanced L-leucine, L-valine and L-isoleucine, the formula also contains taurine, L-tyrosine and vitamin B6. It makes energy production during intensive exercise more effective, and reduces symptoms of tiredness.BCAA X-TANK also has powerful anti-catabolic properties, providing essential protection to your muscles during exercise and all day long. KING SIZE technology made it possible to load a record dose of amino acids into each capsule: 1100 mg.


Intensive physical activity poses a great challenge: the body must mobilise all its energy to face ever greater training challenges. But everything has its limits: when all carbohydrate reserves are used up, the body needs to find an alternative energy source. To keep providing power to muscle fibres while they contract rapidly, it switches from fast, uneconomical sugar metabolism to more efficient but slower metabolism of fats. Unfortunately this takes time, and since every second counts during intensive exercise, oxidation of amino acids is engaged as an intermediate mechanism of producing energy. As a result, proteins that make up our muscles are broken down by catabolic enzymes to free amino acids, which are then used as an alternative energy source. During energy production, the body mainly uses branched-chain amino acids (BCAA), which are the only molecules that can be metabolised directly in muscles without involving the liver. This property of L-leucine, L-isoleucine and L-valine means that it is possible to maintain energy levels during training and helps muscles work for longer. BCAA constitute almost 1/3 of all amino acids that build our muscles, so their metabolism results in gradual reduction of muscle mass and may limit training progress. Now you can protect yourself against this by supplementing your diet with an additional source of amino acids and choosing BCAA X-TANK.


BCAA are some of the most important amino acids for your muscles! They not only support the energy production process during exercise, but also delay the first signs of tiredness. BCAA protect your muscles against catabolism, and induce anabolic processes that lead to muscle growth. They are essential building materials adapted by the body to its needs by converting them into other amino acids.  Although BCAA constitute around 15% of all amino acids of proteins in our food, they need to be metabolised before they can be used. So what can you do to meet the growing demand for BCAA that comes with intensive training, and safeguard your muscles’ requirements? Taking BCAA as a concentrated supplement is the most effective solution. Such BCAA are absorbed instantly, and the bloodstream takes just a few minutes to deliver them straight to the muscles where they are needed.


Numerous studies confirm the benefits that stem from using supplements containing free BCAA. But can their action be made even more powerful? Yes! Experts at TREC NUTRITION have developed a completely new formula, even more effective than BCAA alone. It is a brand new weapon in the fight for powerful muscles and optimal training performance. BCAA X-TANK is a unique combination of perfectly balanced L-leucine, L-isoleucine and L-valine (2:1:1), with added taurine, L-tyrosine and vitamin B6. This makes BCAA X-TANK even more effective at supporting metabolism during exercise and protecting energy requirements of muscle cells allowing them to work harder for longer. The formula contains the highest quality free amino acids which reach the bloodstream instantly. High levels of BCAA during training inhibit the release of tryptophan and its conversion into serotonin, responsible for tiredness. The addition of taurine and tyrosine, used in the biosynthesis of neurotransmitters, enhances this effect. That’s why BCAA X-TANK is better than classical BCAA formulations at improving concentration and motivation for prolonged and gruelling training. Taurine and L-tyrosine also have a powerful effect on lipid metabolism by stimulating the release of energy from fat reserves. This makes BCAA X-TANK more effective at building hard and powerful muscles, and accelerating metabolism and burning fat tissue. The formula should become a regular element in weight loss diets, as its components inhibit catabolic processes and support the production of energy essential for exercise. Additionally, taurine and L-tyrosine support nervous system function and have a positive effect on the mood, which is especially important during prolonged reduced calorie intake.


BCAA X-TANK is a universal amino acid formula which should be used as a basic supplement by all physically active people. Everyone will feel the positive effects of BCAA, taurine and L-tyrosine, regardless of their preferred sports discipline and type of training. During intensive exercise, BCAA X-TANK stimulates energy generating processes and inhibits the negative effects of catabolic enzymes. At the end of exercise, BCAA activate anabolic pathways leading to the regeneration of damaged muscle protein structures. Using BCAA X-TANK will help you improve the intensity of your training, speed up progress, and reduce the risks of overtraining.

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