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  • Vita-Min Multiple Lady 60 tabl

    VITA-MIN MULTIPLE LADY™ Vita-Min Multiple Lady is a rich composition of vitamins, minerals and valuable plant extracts. While supplying the right amount of crucial macro- and microelements is the key to success, proper antioxidant protection also has particular importance for active women. Top quality plant extracts provide an additional boost to body...

    1,832 Kr. 2,290 Kr. -20%
  • Define It Lady 50 Tabs

    DEFINE IT LADY™ provides excellent support in your efforts to get into perfect shape. A properly balanced diet and physical activity do not always lead to the results we aim for within the desired time. This is why the use of certain carefully studied and very effective active substances comes to our aid.

    2,290 Kr.
  • WORK IT LADY 337g 45 Servings

    WORK IT LADY is an excellent powdered drink mix concentrate. Staying properly hydrated means more stamina for longer and more effective exercise and faster training results. It also makes you feel better, both, during and after exercise. 

    4,990 Kr.